"With Rani's calm organized process, our new house's interior became a reality that all our family and friends love.  Rani's eye made our vision come to life and we couldn't have done it without her.  Feel free to come see for yourself."

"Originally when we set up the appointment with Rani it was to help with paint colors as our home was brand new. Once we met Rani we knew right away that she was going to be helping us with other projects. As I stated our house was brand new and we had several projects that we wanted to complete. Rani did a great job at listening to our goals and then made a timeline of our projects so we did not get overwhelmed. Her style and taste is just what we were looking for. Once our initial projects were completed we contacted her to help us with our son’s room “big boy room”. Our son loves his room so much he immediately shows it to everyone that comes over. Rani has helped us transform our blank slate house into our beautiful home. We are looking forward to working with Rani in the future." 

"We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to include Rani Ruby in our first floor interior decoration project. From the first moment that Rani came into our home, we instantly felt comfortable knowing that she understood our energy and taste. Rani was willing to move at our desired pace and budget and she always brought enthusiasm, flexibility, and expertise to the project. We undeniably love our family and Rani helped to create a warm and comfortable space that reflects that love! We look forward to working with Rani again in future projects."


"Rani helped me decorate our living room, play room, and each of our (3) kids' bedrooms.  We have been so pleased with the results and have received many compliments the rooms.  She is a great listener, and is able to quickly determine your needs and wants, as well as your style.  In addition, she does a such great job of finding cool pieces for great prices!  I had so much fun working with her; I would most definitely recommend her anyone, and plan to use her again for future decorating or design needs!"

"I am so happy we found Rani! I was not sure what a "designer" would do but I know that I needed some advice when it came to my bathroom remodel. 6ft tub? 5ft tub? Built-in countertop or custom? One vanity light, two, or sconces?  I had no idea what would work in my space or what fits in my budget. Rani met with me to hear my ideas and we went from there.  I was so pleased to find out Rani offered a service that not only helped me pick and choose what I wanted/ would work in my space/would work with my budget, but also allowed me to hand over the reins to her and she would manage my contracting team! Wow a designer is sounding pretty good! As a busy professional, I valued having one person to interact with who I knew had our best interests at heart. She also created a budget for us, tracked it, and helped us stick to it (unless we chose to splurge here and there of course.)  Rani was knowledgeable on products and processes we had no idea exisited and because of that we have a modern, up to date yet classic and timeless bathroom we will enjoy for years to come. Thank you Ruby Rehab and Design for helping these two busy professionals and parents of three accomplish our remodel without completely loosing our peace and sanity! We look forward to our next project soon!"

"Rani is such a pleasure to work with and we can't recommend Ruby Rehab and Design enough!  We've had the privilege to work with Rani over many years, as we have remodeled two homes with her assistance and expertise.  Rani's sense of style, ideas, fresh designs and level of communication are superb. You will not find a better person to work with through any project!   Not only is Rani an amazing designer, she is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!  When you meet Rani for the first time, you'll feel like she's a friend you've known your whole life.  Rani's sense of ease and quaint rapport is what makes your experience so pleasant and enjoyable.   Rani will get to know you, listen to your needs, and put together a plan that fits your budget.  Rani will transform your house into your dream home - room by room, inside and outside.  We could not be happier with our "new" home.  A great big thank you to Rani and Ruby Rehab and Design!"


Rani Ruby can see things most of us cannot when it comes to looking at our own houses, space and furnishings within. She has a true gift that after the completion of several jobs with her, I've realized it is OK and actually BEST to surrender to and employ a professional. And that she is! Complete with all the tools of the trade (literally) in hand, she has the vision, the talent, the foresight and the gentle yet humorous way of stating it like it is and how it can be improved upon.  She is an absolute genius at her craft. She can stage a room in the blink of an eye (including all the heavy lifting); sketch out a visual room plan in a heartbeat; offer fabrics, designs, prints and furnishings that come from a place of having 'listened' to your wants and visions for your space and offer fresh and creative suggestions that make one feel a valued part of the process.   Whilst her absolutely passion for design and level of confidence is evident every step of the way, Rani is also extremely resourceful and maintains a respectful mindfulness for ones timeline and budget. Her high level of integrity and willingness to go above and beyond to please all her clients keeps her in high demand.   Rani Ruby is the real deal! I cannot recommend her enough for any decor or remodel job, large or small. She is a true gem and a delight with whom to work with. I make no hesitation in saying she is guaranteed to leave you in complete admiration of your new space, never wanting to leave it and left wondering why you waited so long!?