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So they say to discover your true passion you must re-visit your childhood.  My parents will attest to my obsession with all things "house" related from the time I was very young- playing house, decorating dollhouses, seeing if the kitchen might work upstairs in the Barbie Dreamhouse.  By the time I was in Middle School they often heard the sounds of furniture being dragged along my bedroom floor.  I re-worked that little 10x10 square foot space in every possible configuration.  

Although I was to pursue a different creative field at school with a BA in Musical Theatre and MA in Theatre, History and Crit, I never lost my passion for fixing up any low rent place I might have found myself in and making it a home.  Let me tell you, this took a lot of creativity in a tiny basement apartment in grad school!  Luckily I then met and married a man who had grown up building houses with his dad while helping his mom pick out paint colors for whatever room she was fixing up that week!

After building two houses and re-habing one, we decided it might be time to start our own business before we went bankrupt doing it only for ourselves!  RNR interiors in Finksburg, MD was born in 2010 and I then joined Coastal Haven Design in Easton from 2013-2017 as a principal designer after moving to the Annapolis area.  Finding that my true passion lies not only in interior design but in full house renovations I've invited my husband Mike to come aboard to bring you Ruby Rehab and Design!