About Us

My Story

They say to discover your true passion you must re-visit your childhood.  My parents will attest to my obsession with all things "house" related as I was growing up- from constantly rearranging dollhouse furniture and later my own bedroom furniture!  Although I was to pursue a different creative field in college with undergraduate and graduate degrees in theatre, I never lost my passion for design

After building two houses and re-habing one, I decided it might be time to start my own business before I went bankrupt doing it only for myself!  RNR interiors in Finksburg, MD was born in 2010 and I then joined Coastal Haven Design in Easton from 2013-2017 as a principal designer after moving to the Annapolis area.   

Through out my work as a designer I was not only inspired by the new energy change can bring to a space but also noticed a gap that was present for many people though out the building or renovation process.  People often know what they like but have trouble finding their resources, making final decisions, or explaining their vision properly to their builder. Thus Ruby Rehab and Design was born!