How We Work

The Choice is Yours

Welcome to Ruby Rehab and Design!  Thank you so much for inviting us to come aboard with you on your exciting journey!  It is truly our passion to reconfigure, rehab and re-invent spaces and we are probably as excited as you are to get your project rolling!! 

 Here is a little about how we work so that you can choose upfront how you’d best like us to fit in with your project.  We offer two basic options:  full project or consultation.  While we want to want to do whats most comfortable for you, there are a few things to be aware of when deciding how you will use us.  As full project manager we would first meet for an initial consultation where we would spend 1-2 hours in your space finding out about your project and goals  We would then spend another hour or so of time creating a scope of work for your project,  a budget that fits your project and the beginning of a pineterst page with some inspiration pictures and furnishing selections to give you and idea of our vision for your space. We would then meet again to go over those ideas and finalize a scope and budget that your are comfortable with. At that point we require a deposit to begin work, sign a contract outlining our responsibilities and would collect further installments along the way.  In this case we will handle all ordering, returns, and correspondence with subs.  We highly encourage this approach as it is by far the most time efficient way to handle your project and the result is a professional design with a less stressful process.  It also allows us to budget our time to make your job a top priority.  

We also can work as consultants in which case we would log all time spent at meetings, researching and picking products, e-mails, texts, phone calls, ordering and correspondence with subs.  You would then decide which things you’d like us to handle and which things you might be handling yourself.   We again have a three hour minimum for our initital consultation  which would include a 1-2 hour consult and then an hour spent pinning ideas for your project and a breakdown from our meeting to get you started.  It is our main goal to make your rehab process as comfortable as possible so we are truly happy to work with you in whichever way fits your project the best!  Again we thank you for your trust in us and look forward to turning your dream space into a reality!