How We Work


Welcome to Ruby Rehab and Design!  Thank you so much for inviting us to come aboard with you on your exciting journey!  It is truly our passion to reconfigure, rehab and re-invent spaces and we are probably as excited as you are to get your project rolling!! 

 Here is a little about how we work so that you can know what to expect about how your project will run.  I will first meet with you in your home to see your space, hear your ideas and gather a "wish list"  for your project.  Depending on the size of the project, this usually takes 1-2 hours.  I then spend another 1-2 hours of billable time (again depending on the size of the project) to send you your notes and create a design board and budget. From here we would meet again to tweak the scope with any changes you would like to make. After the scope of work is finalized, you would sign a contract and I would collect 1/3 of the budget total to begin work. You would then be billed monthly for hours and purchases. 

This proposal is still an estimate as things are often changing during design! You may add or change items as we go, and some things may take more or less time. I will always keep you posted on your monthly invoice of any such changes.  Ruby Rehab would be responsible for all ordering, installing and coordinating for this scope of work and is also responsible for any returns and/or mistakes. I offer my clients the best pricing possible which is reflected on your proposal. 

If there are items in your project that you’d prefer to handle yourself, they will not be included in this proposal and you would be responsible for any returns or mistakes pertaining to that item. I find that jobs run most smoothly when I am handling the majority of the ordering to insure all items are coordinated and from reputable sources. 

I will also try to hold most items until install day so that we can do a “grand reveal” of your new space.  Of course, sometimes larger pieces must be delivered directly to the client’s home but we will try to coordinate the rest of the install close to that time. I prefer to communicate by e-mail and will try to respond during the hours of 9-5. I would prefer texting be kept for communicating scheduling or if something is urgent. You will be charged $10 per e-mail/phone call – which may increase your budget. Hours will be calculated at $110 per hour for shopping, consults, and install. There will be a $35 charge for drive time over 25 minutes.  

If you already have a contractor and are working on a building project, I am also happy to weigh in as a consultant at my hourly fee.  Thank you so much again for your interest in Ruby Rehab and Design!  I am so looking forward to helping you “love your home”.